From: grady (
Date: Fri, December 27th, 1996 9:18:44 PM
Subject: a.m.c-h guide to the Triangle
So, what'd you do over the holidays?
Well, I made an website:

Now, it's only half-done. The goal for it is this: It will have a fairly
static set of pages for things like restaurants (Pan Pan, L&S, etc)
which have been ranted over on a.m.c-h. I'll just hunt around and find
the appropriate posts and cut-n-paste, with other resources like (maybe)
links to dynamic maps and whatnot.

Similarly, a page of links to club descriptions/listings, rants about
good galleries, etc. Whatever. Record stores. Bo's paean to Poindexter.

A page of links to pages about bands/labels. (I'm doing this one

A page of a.m.c-h-related stuff--the FAQ, the archive, etc. Greatest
posts of all time (get your votes in, people. I know you save your

And, most fun, a page of picks for the week or two upcoming. This is in
direct response to Alec Vance saying "so-and-so would never write that
Rebar are playing this Friday." So WE'RE going to write that. And since
it is perhaps (a) impractical, due to UseNet, and (b) unfair, due to
various factors, to make folks sift through dozens of posts looking for
something to do, we're gonna put it on the WWW.

So if there's a show or exhibit or whatever coming up which you think is
swinging--well, just post about it, like always. If I'm awake, I'll
cut-n-paste it onto the week's best-bets page, provided it makes sense
and you make it sound like something worthwhile to do. I mean, I dunno
whether Draxx's band would always qualify, but you know. 

Go look at it and see what you think. The a.m.c-h stuff has content, as
does the "this week" page. The rest is on the way.

HOT! The Guide to the Triangle:
The FAQ and archive: